Should the slumdog cool kid actors get residuals?

The recent headline news story on Rubina Ali was disturbing to me to say the least. New York Times article excerpt This film was one of the most successful movies of this decade. It did something  very unusual for modern day films it embraced  a world audience without the help of main headlining stars. It seems that what the film was trying to accomplish and portraying both seemingly has seems to be entangled together. The very kid actors that the storyline revolved around got paid what some would say minimum wage. They actually got the wages of walk on extras not featured actors. It is never too late to renegotiate contracts from what I understand that a trust fund has been set up for each child. To be fair the creators of this movie phenomenon probably set up the trust funds and paid the child actors with not the expectation of the success that them movie accomplished.

Do not misinterpret this article It  is not a dany boyle bashing article but to raise some concerning questions. With all fairness poverty is a complex cycle. You of course have no control over adult actions. Of course desperate people do stupid things. My questions are but not statements. Should the movie company have bought new homes for the family’s after the unexpected success of this movie since the movie was about rags a rags riches storyline. Should the movie company only  have your classic employee and company relationship? Where the company pays the employee for their services and are not responsible for anything other than that. Are they are only responsible to make money and not deemed responsible for no more than that?

 I thought very hard if there were any western parallels of similar situations. Here is what I came up with. Many US child actors are paid huge sums of money for their talents and attraction or likability. I have read that Bill Cosby of the famed huxtables took in mind the well being of the child actors on that show. I also read in the show full house the producers took in consideration the well  being of  all the child actors including the twins on that show.  My other question is;  now that these children actors have world notoriety and proven likability acting skills will they be embraced by India “Bollywood”  or even US Hollywood. Where is Disney?  I grew up watching  Disney movies and they always proudly said that they always promoted World harmonization that kids from all walks of life. “when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are” 

If  I was a director or movie producer I would jump at the opportunity to hire these kids especially while their performances in Slumdog is still fresh in the minds of the World. What makes these kids different is that they have not just Bollywood or Hollywood appeal they have World appeal. Finally the lasts question is should danny boyle make and effort to enhance these kids acting careers and make them more marketable, in the acting world if the kids of course want to pursue this. Of course some but not all of the kids in the movie are in different unique financial situations. There has always been a  saying if you take ownership of a cause be sure you know what you are getting into because you just might have  have to follow through on it to make sure the cause is solved or made right. What do you think? Please leave a comment if you have an opinion.


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